Every child is unique and at the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy all of our students are treated equally and given the opportunity to shine, regardless of their level of confidence or ability. We avoid auditions and ensure all our students feel encouraged and nurtured within our classes, enabling them to develop at their own pace.

With a focus on personalisation, each teacher at the Academy seeks to gradually integrate their students within the group until they are fully immersed in the fun classroom environment and unaware of any inhibitions they may have had before joining us.

Our teachers interact with the students in an energetic and engaging way to capture their students’ attention and encourage creativity. We all aim to make our hour-long sessions an exciting and fun-packed environment for students where they are able to develop social interaction and communication skills, engage creatively and express themselves confidently, both physically and vocally.

Helen O’Grady English Drama Teachers


With more than 70,000 students attending classes weekly, it’s the largest children’s organization of its kind in the world. Our aim is to develop children through drama, building confidence, self-esteem, empowering them to achieve and excel in their dreams.

The aim of the Academy is to provide students with a self-development program, designed to increase their confidence, communicative skills and creative talents through a carefully constructed drama syllabus. However, we are not a talent school and it is important to stress it is not our aim to produce “stars”, but rather to help all children realize their creative potential.

Job summary

  • Helen O’Grady Drama Academy Teacher is responsible for implementing and promoting the Drama program in conformity with our international Teaching System and the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy operating standards.
  • Teach fun classes and summer/winter camps designed to build speaking skills and confidence in kids.
  • Training, lesson plans, curriculum and scripts are ALL provided.

Curriculum material

The Academy will provide teachers with new curriculum material each term, covering introductory activities, speech exercises, creative movement, dialogue development, snippets, whole-class improvisations and when applicable, studio productions. Along with the new curriculum material, teachers will also receive complete sets of lesson plans, for lower primary, upper primary and youth theatre. These lesson plans have been constructed to ensure that the presentation and structure of each lesson is uniform throughout the Academy.


  • Native English speaker
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Enthusiastic about having a positive input into young people’s lives, and a vibrant energetic person.
  • You should have clear speech without strong accent, vibrant dynamic personality, outgoing nature with lots of vocal and physical energy.
  • Classroom experience
  • Drama/theatre experience

If you are interested in this fantastic position, please send your CV to: info@helenogrady.com.tw

More about us: www.facebook.com/helenogradytaiwan